Your questions - Answered.

1) Do you provide photography services as well?

It depends. Our main focus is video. By specializing in video, we're able to provide the best quality possible while keeping prices reasonable. Of course, Photography services can be provided on a purely case-by-case basis, depending on your needs.  



Individual(s). We're a freelancer service provider. In fact, we're not even full-timers. We do this purely out of passion.

2.5) ISN'T That a bad thing??!!

Well, not really. The way we see it, by operating on a freelance basis, we get to take on project that mean a lot to us, and we get to put our all into giving you the best results possible. When you work with us, you're not dealing with a corporation, you're dealing with actual people. We actually care about your needs.

Of course, this does NOT compromise on the quality of our service. We give our all into every video we produce, and we guarantee your satisfaction and experience.


3) Do we provide animation or graphics designing?

No. We don't believe in charging you for anything we're less than 100% confident in producing.


4) Are we interested in taking up non-profit projects for charities?

Of course! We love giving back to the community! In fact, some of our favourite projects are non-profit for worthy causes!


5) Are our listed prices the final prices?

No. The prices listed on our site give a general representation of what the quoted price will be. Actual prices will depend on your requirements.