A journey through sand - SAND Co watches (part I)

sand watches intro

Every once in a while, a project comes along that challenges and pushes you outside of your comfort zone - In our case it was directing & producing a 4 minute documentary-style promotional feature for SAND Co watches' kickstarter campaign.

SAND Co is a startup aiming to produce exquisitely unique handmade watches with the following outrageous premise - No two watches identical. As crazy as it sounds, they've actually managed to pull it off, with a unique paint dipping process to create a unique watch every single time, on every single dial.

blue face sand watch

When Jun Hong, the founder of SAND Co watches pitched to me the idea of creating a short documentary style promotional film for its kickstarter campaign, I was thrilled... and also challenged. Product shoots and fashion shoots aren't exactly my forte. However, not being one to back down from a challenge, I agreed - and thus began a 3-months long process, from conceiving the premise for the film, all the way to pre-production and finally post production.

As with any good film, it starts with ideation - forming the basis of the film and story-boarding. Scripting for the film proved to be a challenging endeavor due to the nature of the watch - Completely personal and individually unique. Nevertheless, after many rounds of discussions, we agreed on a finalized concept, a concept and script that would carry us through the project. 

The next step, and possibly the most crucial step, is casting. Poor casting choices can completely break an otherwise well produced film. The choice of actors can completely change the mood of the film. We decided, in the end, to cast the lovely @sunnmaomao and @boonkaewnaree to portray the couple in the film - A decision which proved to be the correct one.

cast and crew

Stay tuned for part II of the story, where I'll talk about behind the scenes of the filming and editing process, as well as the final film.