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Alex & Zi Ying // The same day edit

Arguably one of the most crucial and labour intensive wedding film is the same-day-edit (SDE), a highlights film documenting the morning processions and gatecrash with one kicker - It is edited on the day itself to be screened in front of the Couple's relatives at the dinner reception. The SDE is a mainstay of Chinese weddings in Singapore and would be unceremoniously missed if not shown.

The day starts early in the morning, with the filming of the bridal make-up and preparations. We usually shoot this on fast prime lenses (35, 50, 100) for the bride beauty shots. This gives us our shallow Depth of field, thus accentuating the Bride's features. We also use this time to get to know the bride better, allowing us to better cater to the couple's needs. 

bride ring shot

Once the bride's sisters and bridesmaids arrive, we focus our attention on filming them prepare for the gatecrash - A series of games intended for the Groom and his entourage. The gatecrash party then arrives in a dramatic entourage of cars and horns. To cover the hectic and fast paced action of the gatecrash, we generally use a mixture of primes and zoom lenses. (24-105mm on the A cam and 35mm on the B cam)

bridal car

Once the groom and his entourage arrives, the games begin - The gatecrash and a series of games designed by the bridesmaids to embarrass the groom and make things difficult for him before granting him entry into the bride's house. The games general consist of drinking sinister concoctions of peppers and spices, followed by either having the groom's entourage pose in awkward positions or singing. 


Once the sisters and bridesmaids are satisfied, the groom and his brothers and finally granted entry into the bride's home, and to finally see her in the wedding gown - a touching and heartfelt moment where the groom unveils her and sees her for the first time in the wedding dress. 

gatecrash 2

After the gatecrash, the wedding couple then proceeds for the photo-shoot and tea ceremony, where they serve their parents and relatives Chinese tea. Shortly after the tea ceremony, our team then proceeds to the dinner venue to begin editing the highlights film, which will be shown in a couple of hours at the reception.

Despite the rigor and stresses of the same day edit, seeing the live reactions of the couple and their family and friends always makes it worth it! 

Filming the reception 

Filming the reception