A journey through sand - SAND Co watches (The Release)

"SAND Co is a startup aiming to produce exquisitely unique handmade watches with the following outrageous premise - No two watches identical. As crazy as it sounds, they've actually managed to pull it off, with a unique paint dipping process to create a unique watch every single time, on every single dial." - Part I of A journey through Sand

It's finally here!

So if you've been following our blog and instagram pages, you would likely have known about our collaboration with SAND Co watches. Well, after much anticipation and many rounds of press letters and re-edits, the kickstarter campaign has finally launched, along with the official promotional film we produced! Do check it out!

SAND Co watches are meticulously handmade with a unique marbling process which ensures every watch is totally unique, just like its owner. Do check out their kick-starter campaign to learn more or show your support!

sand watches donald ong visuals

If you would like to learn more about the backstage process of producing the film, do read part 2 of our blog and check out our BTS video below:

Initial Ramblings

So people have been telling us to start a blog; So we did. Why not, right? While I'm not much of a writer, I've decided to dedicate this blog to documenting what we've been doing, giving you a glimpse into our day to day.

As filmmakers, we tend to get all caught up in editing our next masterpiece, or lusting over new and exciting gear, both of which I'm guilty of. So, I've decided to take a step back and keep a blog to reflect on our past accomplishments and happenings, giving both you, and myself, the chance to grow and learn.

- Donald