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Campus PSY - Supporting a friend in need #SupportaFriendinNeed

Campus PSY

As part of Campus PSY's movement, "Supporting a friend in need", we were involved in producing a short film documenting mental health Advocate, Xun An's experience dealing with depression, and how he has managed to cope it with the help of close friend, Damien. 

Campus PSY was started by a group of youth volunteers from the Institute of Mental Health (IMH), who are united by a mutual desire to help others. Inspired by support from our family and friends, they want to pay it forward by reaching out to other youths-in-distress, with the aim of creating resilient, and empowered, communities in the tertiary institutions. 

Visit them at:

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We were very fortunate to have both Xun An and Damien volunteer to share their stories for the film. Opening up publicly about mental illness is a tremendously difficult thing to do, and it takes courage to do it. Xun An is currently a mental health advocate, who has written about his experiences dealing with major depression and borderline personality disorder. 

The video largely follows Xun An's story, as well as how he was able to cope with the illness with the help and support of close friend, Damien Tan. Major depression is nothing to be taken lightly, and significantly affects your functionality and life. Xun An was incredibly lucky to have the support of friends and family to not only cope with it, but benefit others by being a mental health advocate.

Listening to them open up very intimately about their stories was incredibly inspiring, and we certainly hope that friends and family of mental illness sufferers give them the same support they deserve.

Production wrap!

Production wrap!