A Bit About Us

Donald Ong // Founder

Filmmaker | Airplane Nut | Pun Connoisseur

I first discovered my passion for creating films in my early teens. I bought my first camera to film aircraft and home videos. Before long, I discovered I had a knack for pointing a camera at things and making pretty videos.

Over the years, I've experimented with many different genres of film-making, and worked with many different clients, carving out my own niche in the market - Emotional, Personal Stories.

My aim isn't just to make videos, it is to create art. Art that touches the heart, and art that touches the mind. My secondary aim is to think of really bad puns and jokes, but we try not to talk about that.

Benjamin Lee // dp

Photographer | Airplane Nut | Burger Expert

With a background in Photography, I started venturing into video production in my twenties. Not being tied to traditional film-making methods, I provide a fresh insight to our films - sometimes to the annoyance of Donald, but he always agrees eventually...

When I'm not shooting, I love travelling, sampling every reputed burger-joint in Singapore and listening to good music. Did I mention burgers? Yeah, I have a ranked list of where you should get your burger fix. Really.